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Adanac Paddles are in paddlers hands in 32 different countries now! Our latest is Malta.
We ship World wide!


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We know that there are cheaper ways to produce paddles,
but we also know that
there are no shortcuts to perfection.

Proud Sponsor of the VOLUNTEER 46 for 2014

Volunteer 46 is a 46 mile Canoe, Kayak, Peddle and SUP race that is raced on flat water from Knoxville to Lenoir Park!

This Race is OPEN to ALL! You can compete hard if you want or just come in before
the check point cut off times! This race is for the paddlers! Have fun and enjoy!

Enjoy the Slideshow of Greenland paddles, Storm paddles, Aleutian paddles, harpoons, rolling sticks and Voyageur paddles.

  • 1christophercrowhurst
    Qajaq Rolls - Christopher Crowhurst's Greenland paddle with curly maple tips and pimped with is logo.
  • 1aleutianX
  • Wivian
  • 1stormpaddle
  • 1practiceharpoons2
  • 1practiceharpoons
  • DSC00198
  • DSC00199
  • DSC00530
  • DSC00658
  • DSC00943
    Greenland paddle, storm paddle, various Rolling sticks
  • 1davidjohnstonX
  • DSC01212
  • DSC00946X
    Greenland paddle, storm paddle, various Rolling sticks
  • Paddletips
    Unfinished paddles
  • 08551
  • 15052
    Curly maple tip
  • 20361
    Pimp your paddle
  • DSC00483
  • DSC01989
    Storm paddle
  • DSC00655
    Storm paddle - we use the tightest grained Western Red Cedar we can find!
  • DSC01629
  • DSC00688
  • DSC01134
  • DSC01196
  • DSC01223
    Pimp your paddle
  • DSC01631
  • DSC01654
    Sizing the loom using a drawknife
  • DSC01658
    Zebrawood tip
  • DSC01826
  • DSC01174
    The famous Rock Garden Series paddles the grace the cover of FatPaddlers book!
  • 1505
    Shaping the grip of a 'Henri La Pointe' modern day Voyageur paddle
  • 1spokeshave
    Shaping the blade of a 'Henri La Pointe" modern day Voyageur paddle
  • DSC01879
    All Greenland paddles and Voyageur paddles are hand carved using hand tools.
  • DSC01886


We make paddles for several Learn to Kayak instructors!

NEW! - Did you know that we make 'Practice Harpoons'!

Greenland Practice Harpoons

We are the only Canadian maker & retailer of fine hand crafted competition weight Greenland Practice Harpoons. Each is hand made of the finest quality materials....worthly to be mounted on your wall, as a fine art piece, when not is use. The harpoon will have some irregularities, do to being rounded by hand.

Short - 'non-competition weight' harpoon - approx 77" - $235.00, includes a Harpoon sack.
Long - 'non-competition weight' harpoon - approx 87" - $235.00, includes a Harpoon sack.
'Competition weight' paddles either short or long - $250.00, includes a Harpoon sack.
'Non-competiton weight' harpoons are just under the minimum weight of 1 kilo.

Note: 'Special order Harpoons' made with antler, please contact us for information and pricing.

NEW - The Adanac Rock Garden Series - A Review by Sean Smith aka The FatPaddler

Check out the Adanac Paddles Blog and read the Canoeguys Review about the "Henri La Pointe" paddle.

Gift Certificates


Welcome fellow paddlers...

Looks like the paddling season is coming to a close here in Canada. Hope everyone has had a safe paddling season. Remember to wear your PFD...not sit on it!

Toronto Skyline


...aren't the only paddlers who use Greenland kayak paddles. Nope...recreation & touring kayakers use them also. They are lightweight, float, and warm to the touch. Our full paddles weigh between 21 - 32 oz. depending on the density of the wood and which style you choose.

Adanac Paddle
[ Shouldered paddle - with quilted maple tips ]

Greenland paddles are becoming more popular every year for kayak touring because they are efficient over long distances and windy conditions and gentle on the wrists, forearms and shoulders. You will be able to paddle longer with less fatigue. Advanced paddlers love the variety of extended paddle positions possible with this thousand-year-old Inuit design. Breast cancer survivors appreciate the 'body sense' of our paddles.

We carve only CUSTOM ORDERS! No MASS PRODUCTION. Length will be determined by your measurements.

Tired of pulling a paddle off the rack and not having it fit? Well let Adanac Paddles carve you a paddle to your dimensions, so you have the best fit of any paddle you have ever owned. We pride ourselves on fitting a paddle to YOU, not you fitting a paddle.

Rolling With Sticks

It's HOT, it's NEW...and just the book you have been waiting for!
This book is already into its second edition. Get yours while they last!

Learning to roll is a rewarding and challenging pursuit. Patience and practice are essential to success. This book is not designed to teach you your first roll. It is designed to help you...[ Read more ]

Visit to purchase this excellent book!

Rolling with Sticks Book

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