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Practice Harpoons

Did you know that we make 'Practice Harpoons'!

Greenland Practice Harpoons

We are the only Canadian maker & retailer of fine hand crafted competition weight Greenland Practice Harpoons. Each is hand made of the finest quality materials....worthly to be mounted on your wall, as a fine art piece, when not is use. The harpoon will have some irregularities, do to being rounded by hand.

  • 'Competition weight' paddles either short or long - $335.00, includes a Norsaq and a Harpoon sack.
  • Short - 'non-competition weight' harpoon - approx 77" - $325.00, includes a Norsaq and a FREE Harpoon sack.
  • Long - 'non-competition weight' harpoon - approx 87" - $325.00, includes includes a Norsaq and a FREE Harpoon sack.
  • 'Non-competiton weight' harpoons are just under the minimum weight of 1 kilo.
  • You can get a harpoon and an Asaloq combination for $650.00.....Save $70.00

To order email

Note: 'Special order Harpoons' made with antler, please contact us for information and pricing.
Please note: antler can not be shipped out of Canada.

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