Rock Garden Paddles...

The 'Rock Garden Series' paddles are tough! In fact so tough that we shipped a set to FatPaddler, in Australia, (who breaks paddles all the time) so he could 'torture test' them for us. We have NO FEAR, of him breaking them!!

Made of our 'hand selected' high quality quartersawn Western Red Cedar, with South American Purple Heart tips, these paddles are tough. We really mean TOUGH! And of course....they come with our complimentary 'Paddle Booties'.

If you are a rock garden paddler; play around over oyster beds; or any other rough paddling area that is hard on your paddles then these are what you NEED

Regular paddle or storm paddle, or buy them as a set and save

Comments about these paddles can be viewed at FatPaddler's in the articles on his blog. He is doing torture tests and after he is finished he will give us a complete report. So far they have passed every test he has given them!
Fat Paddler's Greenland Paddle Comparisions.


  • Regular GP approx weight 28oz / 794g. - $420.00. Cdn.

  • Storm approx weight 25oz /708g. - $420.00 Cdn.

  • Or order a set for $790.00 Cdn. & get basic pimping for FREE ($50 value for FREE).

  • (Purple Heart tips are heavier than other tips, but only by an ounce or two)

Round, Oval or our 'Power Grip" (like FatPaddler's 1-1/2") loom shapes.
(Power Grip consists of 8 slightly raised corners for superb gripping!)
Looms of 1-1/4", 1-3/8", 1-1/2 available to fit your grip. Customizing also available.

These are nice light paddles, with a 'beefy' feel! 

To get on the list to have a set of these 'Rock Garden Series' paddles contact us!

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