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Greenland Paddles - $375.00 Canadian.

For Purple Heart tips add $45.

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Unshouldered paddle


Our Greenland paddles weigh between 21 - 32 oz.

Untipped paddles are made entirely out of western red cedar.

Colours may vary, as some cedar boards are darker.


The symmetrical, narrow, double-bladed paddle used by most traditional kayak paddlers is a simple, elegant tool that provides for versatility, safety, efficiency, ease of use and excellent open-water performance. The paddles present little windage, are not feathered, and make it very easy for paddlers to use effective extended paddle positions for rolling, sculling and bracing. The natural buoyancy of the paddles also assists with side and chest sculls and balance braces—popular traditional techniques that allow paddlers to stabilize a kayak on its side to cool off, rest or just take a breather after a capsize. Dark grained quartersawn western red cedar [ click pictures for a larger view ] Shouldered dark quartersawn western red cedarShouldered dark quartersawn western red cedar.


Each and every paddle we make, is 'made as if it were our own'.

Our paddles are made 'one at a time', so that we can give each our fullest attention to detail and tuning.

We know that there are cheaper ways to produce paddles, but we also know that there are no shortcuts to perfection.

We only use hand selected quarter sawn western red cedar, which is slow grown, so that we have a tight close straight grain in each and every paddle. If we wouldn't use the wooden blank for ourselves...then we certainly won't use it for your paddle either.

We use traditional hand tools to carve each and every paddle.

The paddles take a bit longer to make than the mass produced ones, but WE / YOU ARE WORTH it! 

Every paddle has our name and logo hand burnt into it. Just another example of the loving care we take with each and every paddle we make.

Greenland Paddles are between 3-1/4" to 3-1/2" wide. Majority between 3-3/8" to 3-1/2".

Looms 18" - 22". Special loom length orders accepted.

Overall Lengths: Normally 84 - 88" Special overall length orders accepted. We have made paddles 74" - 108". We can fit short an tall paddlers!

Storm Paddles are made according to your height and/or armspan if you are less than 6ft tall. Over 6ft tall the storm paddles are made 6ft long. 8" looms, no hardwood tips. Same widths as the Greenland paddles or narrower. 

Special lengths and loom sizes are available, as all our paddles are custom made. WE CUSTOM BUILD IT TO FIT YOU!

Pimp Your Paddle - Is free, unless it is a custom job which runs the length of the blades. Ask for a quote.

Shipping rates to your area to be determined. We ship by courier.

All prices are in Canadian dollars. View quick currency converter

Please email us with any concerns.


All paddles with tips are warrantied for (1) one full year against breakage. One (1) replacement only. Paddles which have been abused will be decided once the paddle has been returned. Damage due to failure to oil paddle, which is normal upkeep, is also at the descretion of Adanac Paddles.

All non-tipped paddles are warrantied for (4) four months against breakage. Replacement only. Paddles which have been abused will be decided once the paddle has been returned. Damage due to failure to oil paddle, which is normal upkeep, is also at the descretion of Adanac Paddles.

Warranty is replacement only. Any paddles returned, are at the cost of the client. No C.O.D. returns allowed!

Cancellations: Once paddles have been cut and tips installed, there is no refund. You can however swap for a different paddle, harpoon or accessory. Sometimes paddles can be backlogged due to people adding to their orders, which sets all orders back. Or to time I have to take off for an aging parent. Please be patient, your order is coming!

Screw Ups to your order: If there is a screw up with your order due to me messing up the dimenions or tips, then I will replace them if they aren't as was discussed and written down in my order book. There are no refunds.

Any paddles damaged during transit, please contact the courier who delivered it, as all packages are insured.



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