Haida & Canoe Paddles...

Our Haida paddles are very light. We make them out of Western Red Cedar.

We also put hardwood tips on them, so you can bash them around.

Maple, purple heart, wenge, Leopardwood, Lacewood and ash tips.

Custom built Haida paddle with tips - Cost: $375.00 CDN.

To order email adanacpaddles@gmail.com 


Yes...we also make Custom Canoe Paddles. It has just been our best kept secret! (We made custom canoe paddles way before we made Greenland kayak paddles.)

Somehow the canoeguys.ca found out and we were their Official Canoe Paddle Maker/Sponsor for...

The Athabasca/Slave Expedition with the CanoeGuys.ca Brigade (May 2011)...read more.

We designed a special Voyageur style paddle for their Expedition, which we have named the "Henri La Pointe" after a real Voyageur, Chris Petrie's great, great uncle. 

Henri La Pointe" A Modern Day Voyageur Paddle - Perfectly Balanced!

Custom Built Hard Maple & Purple Heart woods - Cost: $400.00 CDN.

To order email adanacpaddles@gmail.com 

Check out the Adanac Paddles Blog and read the Canoeguys Review about the "Henri La Pointe" paddle.


NEW.... the 'Pierre Du Bois' traditional canoe paddle. Hard maple. Perfectly balanced ...it will feel like a dream in your hands. Using a perfectly balanced paddle causes less stress on your wrists. 30" blade. Perfect for tripping and classic solo canoeing. The Pierre Du Bois now has a different more modern grip. The old style can be ordered by request only.


Pierre Du Bois paddle ........... $375.00 Cdn

To order email adanacpaddles@gmail.com 

Perfectly balanced ....is yours?

New paddles coming soon are the.....

  • Jaques Leduc
  • Luc La Rouche
  • and the B.B. Dupuis


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